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Welcome to BaseManiac Radio!

I Hope you enjoy your visit here.

I am Dj Base, a local producer of things that go bump in the night. With 24/7 streaming of remixes I've put together threw the years. I'm very active and always adding new remixes. If you have an idea for a remix, contact me. It's a brand new year and I have great plans for 2015 so bookmark this site, you might hear something you like!                      Dj Base :) 

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Remixing The Hits


AdMix-Cut is a remixed created

by Dj Base that is dedicated to

keeping the lyrics intake while adding

extra bounce and rhythm. These

Dj friendly remixes also have an intro

and outro beat for smooth blends.



Feel free to jam out with the kiddies!

They will love you even more for it!




"Let them praise His name

with dancing, making

melody to him, with

tambourine and lyre."

Psalms 149:3